Sustain the Pride

The McGehee Hospital accepts gifts of any size from donors year round. Donors can choose to designate their gift to a particular cause (i.e. room, program or physician recruitment) or give to the general fund. The Board of Trustees designates general fund donations for projects. It can also accept gifts of equipment or materials on behalf of the hospital.

Cash Gifts

Cash (in the form of personal checks, credit cards, and bank drafts) is the most popular type of charitable gift the hospital receives. Cash contributions may be tax-deductible. Checks should be made payable to Sustain the Pride Campaign. Mail your gift to:

Sustain the Pride
McGehee Hospital
Post Office Box 351
McGehee, AR 71654

If you itemize deductions on your federal tax return, you may claim an outright gift of cash as a charitable contribution up to an amount equal to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income. Any deduction not usable in the first year can be carried over for up to five additional years or until it is completely used, whichever is first. You may wish to consult your accountant or tax advisor to determine the tax benefit of your gift.


A transfer of securities (stocks or bonds), held long term, to the Hospital allows you to make a gift and receive a charitable deduction equal to the full fair market value of the securities. You pay no capital gains tax on your gift, and neither does the Hospital.

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