Our Mission

It is the mission of McGehee Hospital to provide personalized healthcare using conventional and innovative services.

Our Values

In order to fulfill our mission and serve our community to the best of our ability, it is important that all members of our team adhere to our Core Values with every action and interaction. Our Core Values include the following:


Quality service is the foundation of any successful business and is even more essential in the provision of healthcare. Our success is dependent upon each employee’s desire and commitment to serve others in the best way possible.


Adherence to the moral values of fairness, integrity and honor in all relationships is of utmost importance.


Patients are to be treated with concern and respect. Maintaining our patients’ dignity and worth is essential in providing quality, compassionate care.


We prudently commit our resources, using our talents and strengths in an effective and efficient manner. Our facilities and equipment are maintained with special pride and to the benefit of those we serve.


It is expected that all employees and staff members give their best at all times to ensure that our patients have the best experience possible. Our employees have initiative and are dedicated, talented and knowledgeable. The highest possible performance from all employees is always expected, but never at the expense of our values.