What should I expect when I visit McGehee Hospital or Family Clinic?

“You should expect easy access, convenience and that the personal care physicians, visiting specialists, staff and nurses will welcome and comfort you, answer your questions and address your needs in a personal manner. We are here to serve your needs.

It is expected that all employees and staff members give their best at all times to ensure that you have the best experience possible. Our employees have initiative and are dedicated, talented, and knowledgeable. The highest possible performance from all employees is always expected, but never at the expense of our values.

McGehee Hospital is a Critical Access Hospital that serves Desha and parts of five surrounding counties. We have been your healthcare resource since 1965. You now have both a new hospital and family clinic that are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and are staffed with physicians, nurses and technologists who are committed to quality personal care.

Our community made a $6,078,956 investment in the hospital and clinic in the Share the Pride campaign to support enhanced services and programs. Most are already in place and serving you. We have a staff of six medical staff to serve you. There are 118 professionals to enhance your healthcare experience and the quality of your life.

As the Chief Operating Officer at McGehee Hospital and Family Clinic I invite you to come and see what we can do for you to enhance the quality of your life through our personal, at home healthcare. I am confident that you will be impressed.

We will bring you 'big-city' healthcare right here, at home, in McGehee.”

Terry L. Amstutz, FACHEPresident and Chief Executive Officer, McGehee Hospital