The impact of the Share the Pride campaign on Desha County healthcare was both immediate and long-term:

Individual Donors

362 individual donors gave $2.1 million.

Funded Construction

Share the Pride funded construction of the McGehee Family Clinic that can house six providers in a single location.

Provided Infrastructure

It provided the infrastructure that attracted four new Family Medicine physicians. The two newest, James Renfroe, MD, in 2017 and Jamie Evans, MD, in 2020. McGehee Hospital and McGehee Family Clinic welcome a third in Fall 2021 and in 2023, doctor number four!

Construction and Furnishing

The McGehee Industrial Foundation gave $250,000 and Wallace Trust gave $2.2 million for the purchase of the clinic site and construction and furnishing of the McGehee Family Clinic.

X-Ray Equipment

Delta Regional Authority provided $550,000 for state-of-the-art X-Ray equipment for both the clinic and hospital.

Chronic Care Management

Blue & You and King Foundations granted $328,000 to underwrite the establishment of the Chronic Care Management program and its team four to support individuals with two or more chronic diseases.


McGehee Bank, First Natural State Bank, Wallace Trust, and McGehee Industrial Foundation invested $70,000 to recruit Dr. James Renfroe.


Both banks and the Wallace Trust committed another $75,000 to recruit Dr. Jamie Evans and a third physician coming in three 3 years.

Family Clinic Lab

The Coulter Foundation provided $50,000 to equip the Family Clinic Lab.