Clinical Laboratory

The Clinical Laboratory is open 24 hours a day of every day of the year.

Our laboratory employs skilled health professionals, Medical Laboratory Scientist and Medical Laboratory Technicians who routinely performs an array of clinical diagnostic testing, maintains instrumentation, interprets and manages data to provide the physicians with state-of-the-art laboratory results. Our in-house testing includes blood bank, microbiology, chemistry, hematology, coagulation, virology, and urinalysis. We have the best reference labs available for all tests we refer.

For more information about our laboratory services contact us at (870) 690-4233. The laboratory aids in determining additional information about you, so the doctor can decide on further action to be taken for your healthcare needs.

Chemistry Department

Our chemistry department can help identify concerns with many systems of your body, such as: kidneys, liver, heart, thyroid and more.

Job Opportunities:

There are several job opportunities in the laboratory such as Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT), Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) and Phlebotomist.